Welcome to Abounding Joy!

Here you will meet genuine and joyful people, from the entire St. Cloud area, who have eternal hope in Christ!

Here you can walk with people who know the Lord and who walk the talk; caring and sharing the ministry of Christ with others.

Come and know that you will be welcomed into fellowship and prayed for.

Come and hear the Word of God proclaimed in truth that Jesus has not come to condemn the world but to love it, to save it, and to redeem it.

Come and know that your children will know the God who walks with them and guides them in their lives, having the joy and confidence that comes with knowing Jesus.

As the Intentional Interim Pastor I am excited about people who get to experience God and the spirit of this congregation. I am also excited about the many leaders and new people coming that have found a place to fulfill their God given purpose in life.

Welcome to Abounding Joy, join us as we keep our eyes focused on Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our faith.

“The joy of the Lord is our strength!”

Pastor Ron Boettner