Pastor Tom

Thanks for exploring Abounding Joy's website. I'm glad you're interested in learning more about this new and exciting gospel ministry in the greater St Cloud area. Abounding Joy was born in the summer of 2010. I began serving as the Lead Pastor in January of 2011.

Some might wonder, why another Lutheran Church in St. Cloud? The answer for me and for many others is that while there are many very conservative and many very liberal Lutheran congregations in the area, there have been few if any churches in between. That's what the LCMC (Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ) is all about. It's a 12-year old association of congregations that has grown to over 800 churches. Over half of those have joined in the last few years. The LCMC is the fastest growing Lutheran "denomination" in the USA.

As I like to say, the LCMC is not too liberal (we stand firm on the traditional confessional Lutheran teachings). It's not too conservative (we ordain women and steer clear of a rigid, fundamentalistic Christianity). It's just right (solid, traditional Biblical teaching and preaching, with a spirit of fun, creativity and joy).

I invite you to discover the warm and welcoming community of faith that is Abounding Joy.

All are welcome here as we come together to be transformed by God's forgiving grace for all in Jesus Christ! 
Pastor Tom